Kapaas by Nikita- Philosophy
Creating an image of Modern India, Kapaas by Nikita is a brand that bestrides the present while staying rooted in India’s legacy of draped form and tradition of artistry. These conventional methods of craftsmanship, assimilated with love beyond ages, are made ingenious through the exclusive finishing techniques of Kapaas by Nikita's silhouettes. Each creation of Kapaas by Nikita exemplifies the guiding philosophy – “unconventional fashion of a contemporary India”
Founded in 2010, Kapaas by Nikita places contemporary sartorial valor and the intricacies of Indian technique with skill. The richly detailed and well-structured couture is crafted to give an edge to the modern, Indian woman. Across Couture, Wedding Wear, Occasion Wear, and Ready-to-Wear, Kapaas by Nikita create unique combinations of modern chic and traditional luxuriousness through India's textiles and fine crafts.
Why are we Chic?!
When it comes to Indian wear, one cannot ignore class and luxury. Acting as the best way of representing India's rich history in the field of fashion and textiles, Kapaas by Nikita's couture is no less than pure class! For us, fashion is not just about wearing what's in trend, but it is about representing yourself in what you wear! We want you to take pride in your culture and feel confident and beautiful from inside and outside by wearing our collections. Our proficient team creates outfits that are exemplary for all the occasions that you want to visit. With wearing our remarkable collection of specially handcrafted bags, elegant suits, extrinsic sarees, and bespoke Indo-Western apparel, throw grace like confetti!
The big fat desi wedding!
Weddings in India are a crazy affair! Way ahead of being mere ceremonies, they are the archetypical functions for you to showcase your inner stylist! Being full of people wearing a variety of vibrant fabrics with intricate detailing, weddings are all about the glitz and the glam. By wearing the premium wedding wear couture offered by Kapaas by Nikita, you can allure the rest of the people by showcasing your poise in artistic wedding wear outfits that speak for themselves! Don't forget to add the spark of your smile, and you'll be the showstopper!
India and its love for Indo-Western clothing
Raising the bar of Indian fashion, the introduction of Indo-western clothing has created a whole new world for fashion enthusiasts. Offering a wide range of aesthetic and breathtaking designs, it is too hard for you to ignore their glamorous piece of art. Being a chic designer boutique, the designers at Kapaas by Nikita work towards creating unique designs of Indo-Western clothing that suits the varied tastes of all our fashionable customers.

Our Values in a Contemporary World!
Following our guiding philosophy and working towards creating glamorous outfits for our contemporary audience, we envision ourselves as India's leading boutique for traditional Indian silhouettes. Surpassing our customers' expectations through our top-notch attires made from the finest fabrics, we will explain our traditional knowledge and rich heritage through our ingenious collections. 

Facts to prove we're way cooler than you think!
Superior Collection
If you want to look the best on any occasion, you have to choose an outfit from our traditional and artistic collection.
Finest Quality
Wanting to make you look and feel beautiful from outside and within, we make all our outfits with the finest quality of fabrics.
Super fast Delivery
Can't wait to try on your new clothes? Well, we've got you covered. We deliver you your outfits in the fastest way possible!
Hassle-free Payment
We understand how frustrating online payments can get, but through our seamless payment process, you can pay us through your debit card, credit card, or net banking.