Your freedom to eliminate

You may generally revoke your order (after we accept your order) regardless of the reason within the first two days of your order placement. If you attempt to cancel the order, within this claimed time and then the payment made by you will be refunded within the 30 days. And if you cancel the order after these two days, then only Kapaas credits will be offered to you, not the refund. These can be covered on your following shopping from our website. These credits are only confirmed on this website and not appropriate for any other website which offers the same type of products.

Returns policy

If you are not completely pleased with the products that you have fancied, within the 7 days, you can claim the returning of that product on the given following address.We will be plentiful than pleased to grant you a replacement (only for approved sizes), and if the appropriate proposal you store credits for buying more on the website, then you will be given the extra credits. We would not deal with the returns facilities if you purchased a customized piece

Refund & promotions

You are only acceptable for compensation if within the first two days of your order placement; you cancel your order. If, after the two days you make this attempt, then despite the refund, you will be credited with the extra store points that you can use to purchase various other stuff form the shop online.