Chartering unknown territories unabashedly, I have succeeded against all odds to establish KapaasByNikita. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. It might sound cliché but there are millions of women who battle tough times on a daily basis to prove themselves on the professional front.

I moved to Noida in 2010 after my marriage and started off my new venture at a very small studio apartment in Eldeco, Noida- a space of just 300 sq.ft. Working from a small setup became difficult day by day and the studio started looking like a warehouse with almost no space for the showcase. Apart from space-crunch, the insufficient funds also made day-to-day operations quite difficult. On top of that we just had 2 to 3 employees to take the start-up forward.

As if the hardships weren’t enough. Just 2 to 3 years into business and I was expecting my first child. My time-off from work caused the business to suffer further. The bundle of joy as well as KapaasByNikita was in their babyhood. Thanks to my never-say-die attitude that I nurtured both and emerged victorious. Fortunately I was already adept with designing in jewellery which saved my business to sink. High level of professionalism, dedication and ofcourse an immense support by my husband helped me find my future in Noida with Kapaas By Nikitaa.

No wonder motherhood teaches you how to delegate it better. With my sincere interest and fashion forward attitude, KapaasByNikita has reached new heights. All in all, there are a lot of trials and errors before accomplishing any kind of goal. There are a lot of challenges that dot a women’s path to success. We need to be strong, focussed and understand that there is no force more powerful than your determination.