Kapaas by Nikita

In a Kapaas by Nikita, our main area of concern is your experience, and we do whatever it takes to provide you a delightful experience with us. According to us! We believe in sound customer services in an old or new-fashioned manner. Well, apart from these warmth relationships, it's important to discuss some legal guidelines so that we can continue our realtors without any disagreements.

Everything subsequently is proper legitimate so that we can offer more flexible services. Herewith the strong wish we want to explore these guidelines so that you feel more secure and safe with us.

An agreement among the consumer and kapaas by Nikita for the purchase of our products will only subsist after the order has been admitted and accepted simply means the time when the customer will be charged with the expected amount for goods and services. Expenses and availability of assets are subjected to transform without notification. This indicates that the amount approved after putting the order might be opposed to the imposed price at delivery. Every attempt is made to warrant that again; this is not going to happen, you would feel satisfied by referring our return policy. A delivery cost will be combined with your order price where relevant.


Your freedom to eliminate

You may generally revoke your order (after we accept your order) regardless of the reason within the first two days of your order placement. If you attempt to cancel the order, within this claimed time and then the payment made by you will be refunded within the 30 days. And if you cancel the order after these two days, then only kapaas credits will be offered to you, not the refund. These can be covered on your following shopping from our website. These credits are only confirmed on this website and not appropriate for any other website which offers the same type of products.


Your account

If you are a website user, then make sure for your accounts, you are truly accountable. How you maintain the confidentiality of your password and how you are restricting others for unauthorized access. Your password is your responsibility, and you must agree to accept all the responsibilities and activities that happen under your account. You should have to consider all inevitable measures to guarantee that the password is stored private and protected. If in case you found something is going wrong, you can inform us regarding this unauthorized manner to use your password.

Please assure that the details you accommodate with us should be correct and reliable while you do registration with us, and kindly let us know if you want any changes in that. You can enter and refresh much of the knowledge you rendered us within your account part on the website. Kapaas by Nikita always works too. Preserves the freedom to deny access to the website, cancel accounts, dismiss or edit content at any time without warning to you.



Please reconsider our Privacy Notice, which also dictates your visit to kappas by Nikita Website, to assume our fashions and collections. The personal information and data are given to us while your registration to this account will be managed as rigorously private and in accordance with the Privacy Declaration and relevant laws or regulations. If you complain to your information being conveyed or practiced, please stop using the website.